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SSVMX 2023-24 Executive BOARD

Executive Director: Chris Stajdel

Membership Director: Evo Rodriguez

Scoring Director/Treasurer: Suzanne Leigh

Competition Director: Bill Hobson


2023-24 gen. Board Members:

Greg Longo

Craig Fox

​James Pulliam

Dave Van Meter

Chad Godwin

​Bill Petitt

​Bart Combee

​Keith Mann

FOR THE RIDERS, By the riders!

The 2023-2024 SSVMX bike giveaway/raffle. 
​The 1974 Husqvarna 250 WR is provided by our Title Sponsor Clay Hollis of The Hollis Family charitable Foundation.

* This is the actual bike that will be raffled off.  However, we are speaking with sponsors who may offer upgrade goodies so bike may look slightly different at the final round.

- If you attend & enter every round of the 2023-24 SSVMX race series you will receive 1 free raffle ticket at the final round.

- If you attend & enter multiple classes (must be the same) of every round of the 2023-24 SSVMX race series you will receive multiple free raffle tickets at the final round.

- You must have a 2023-2024 season membership to be eligible for any ticket (whether free or purchased).

- If you do not attend every round, you can also purchase raffle tickets at any time throughout the season up to the morning of the final round for $20 or 6 tickets for $100.  Must have season membership.

- Drawing will be done at the final round of the 2023-24 SSVMX season.

- You must be present at the final round to win the bike and take home.  If the initial winning ticket holder is not at the final round then a second ticket drawing will be done.

- Support a sponsor, get a ticket.  If you spend a minimum of $20 with one of our current 2023-24 sponsors then you will get 1 free ticket (with proof of purchase from sponsor).  One time only and you must be a SSVMX season membership holder.  Multiple purchases from one or multiple sponsors will not get you multiple tickets.

*more information to come