2020-21 Results & Photos

1. Round 1 at Bartow is a Saturday night race.  A night race was an overwhelming request on our survey (nearly 5:1).  Approximate times will be from 12-9 pm.  Specific details will be released as we get closer to the race date.

2. Round 5 at Daytona.  This event is ONLY open to our vintage bikes, post vintage bikes and 2-strokes up to 2008 (1991-08 Two stroke class).  No modern bikes.  The track is not on the speedway grounds.  The track will be an old style vintage GP grass track laid out by the AHRMA organization which may consist of a couple single jumps.  This event will consist of AHRMA classes as well as SSVMX classes.  This is a SSVMX points scoring round.   
*** See more information about this event by clicking the "Daytona Rd. 5" tab in the menu.

 3. February 18-19 and Round 7 (20th) at Waldo.  The Mx des States event is back to being a 2-day event.  Friday February 18 is all day practice and Saturday February 19 will be the Mx des States event along with the S.E. AHRMA Regional series.  Sunday February 20 will be Round 7 of the SSVMX series which is a DOUBLE points round.

2021-22 Results & Photos