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Results of 9th Annual Mx des States (Feb. 2023)

Results of 10th Annual Mx des States (Feb. 2024)

Results of 6th Annual Mx des States (Feb 2020)

Track location:

16258 US-301, Waldo, FL 32694
Phone:(352) 284-4230

The 10th Annual Mx des States event is rapidly approaching and is to be held February 10, 2023 at the famed Waldo Motorsports Mx facility in Waldo, FL.  This year, we have amazing support fromHaagen Paws who has stepped up big to be the Title Sponsor.  GSD2 as our Gold sponsors and HWH Firearms, Saxco Solutions, Stanek Inspections as our co-sponsors.  Lastly, The Hollis Family Charitable Foundation as our 2023-24 season title sponsor.  The Mx des States event is a team event for a variety of classes.  In addition to the team classes (3 per team), this year we have added a couple individual  (non team) classes.

How the team format works and scoring.  If you're familiar with the Mx of Nations (Mx des Nations) it's similar to that but with a twist.  With our Mx des States, the team consists of 3 riders and all 3 will be on the track at the same time in the same moto.  There will be two motos.  The riders will be scored independently and then the individual scores will be combined to give us the Team scores.  For example, if your team members finish 2nd, 5th and 8th that would give your team a total of 15 points.  Both motos will be added up and the team with the lowest score total after two motos will win the overall.  In years past, we had teams from 12 different states which makes this a competitive and fun event.

This years 10th Annual MX des States has some new classes that we’re excited about. 

3 Wheeler Classes. 
Yes, that’s right, those 3 wheel machines from the 80’s are here.  Don’t be fooled as these guys will be bringing the heat and providing plenty of great entertainment.  There will be a Pro Class, Amateur Class and a 200x Class.  All 3 classes will have a cash payout which is sure to step up the race intensity. 

GP Classes
For the first time ever, GP classes has been added to the Mx des States event.  GP classes will mix Waldo’s motocross track with their professionally laid out woods course.  These will be longer duration motos since each lap time will be approximately 6-8 minutes long.  Do you have what it takes to excel on the track as well as in the woods? 
GP Open Team class.  This 3-person team is a open skill class which allows for any year or c.c. bike.  This is a 3-5 lap race (aprox 6-8 min/lap).  All three teammates of each team will be on the gate/moto at the same time.  
GP Modern (ABC) Individual class.  This class is broken down into 3 skill levels (A, B, C).  Individuals will be scored separately within their own skill level.  Any year and c.c. bike allowed.  This is a 3-5 lap race.

MX150 GP Class
MX150 GP Team class.  Another first for the MX des States event.  This is a one moto only race that will be the final race of the day. 
            - The age of all 3 team members must total 150 years or greater. 
            - There must be one vintage bike, one post vintage bike and one modern bike used on the team (see rules for vintage and post vintage bikes)
            - This is a 3-4 lap race.  Each member will run one lap.  It’s the teams choice as far as the order (rider) you choose to send out on to the track for each lap.  There will be a wrist band to hand off to your teammate after each lap.

  No doubt a busy weekend of incredible racing is in store.  

Mx des States team classes include:

- Vintage 

- Post Vintage up to '88 

- Modern 

- 50+ Open

- GP Open

*Plaques awarded to the top 4 teams and top 3 teams will get the the famed bibs.

Mx des States individual classes include:

- 60+ Open (A, B & C)

- Open Two Stroke (A, B & C)

- GP Modern (A, B & C)

- 3 Wheeler Pro (cash payout)

- 3 Wheeler Amateur (cash payout)

- 3 Wheeler 200x (cash payout)

 *Plaques awarded to the top 3 of each skill level class

Exhibition Team class:

- MX150 GP

  *Plaques awarded to top 3 teams

Weekend Schedule:

** Camping with hookup is available.  Please contact Waldo Motorsports for reservations.

Friday Feb. 9

- 9-3pm test and tune practice: $30
- Thursday/Friday gate fee:  $25

Saturday Feb. 10
- Gate fee:  $20 (no charge if paid for gate fee previously)

- MX des States Motocross event

      Sign up 7 am​

      Church service 8:15 am

      Riders meeting 8:30 am

      Practice - 8:50 am

      Races - 10am

Mx des States Race Fees:

$75 for team classes ($25 x 3)

$25 for individual classes

$45 for MX150 GP team class ($15 x 3)

* No membership fees required.

Sunday February 11

- Round 6 of the SSVMX series 

​- Gate fee $20 (no charge if paid for gate fee previously)

RULES for the MX des States Event:

Vintage team class:

This includes most all 1974-older bikes and 1975 bikes that are a “like design” (see below a list of “like design” bikes).  This is a open skill level class.  The main concern with this class is suspension travel.  Having newer components are allowed for safety reasons but the amount of travel allowed is limited to 7” in front and 4” in the rear.  We are not going to put a tape measure to every bike but if it doesn’t pass the eye test then it will be measured.  There will be tech inspection for the vintage bikes so please don't show up with bikes that do not qualify.

The 1975 “like design” bikes include:
Bultaco 250 Pursang
Can Am 125 TNT
Can Am 175 TNT
Can Am 250 TNT
CZ 250 Falta
Honda CR125
Honda MT250
Husqvarna 250 WR
Husqvarna 400 WR
Kawasaki KX125
Kawasaki KX250 (also ’76)
Kawasaki KX400 (also ’76)
Ossa Desert Phantom 250
Suzuki TM 100
Suzuki TM 125
Suzuki TM 250
Suzuki TM 400
Yamaha YZ 125
Yamaha MX 125
Yamaha MX 175

* Some makes and models in 1974-75 had a limited number of machines with suspension specifications that surpassed the 4" / 7" norm.  Those bikes are NOT eligible unless the suspension travel is reduced to fit within the rules.  Regardless of the year, make and model of your bike the suspension requirements must be within our rules.  Some of these bikes include '74 Bultaco, '74 Montesa, '74 CCM and '74 KTM.

Post Vintage team class:

Watercooled and disc brakes are ok but cannot be newer than 1988.  This is a open skill level class.

Modern and 50+ team classes:

There is no limitation to bikes used in these classes.  Run what you brung.  The Modern team class and 50+ team are open skill level classes.  

2-Stroke individual class:

Any c.c. bike eligible but must be 2-stroke engine.  The 2-stroke individual class is categorized into 3 skill levels (A, B and C).  Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 of each skill level.

60+ individual class:
Any c.c. and year bike is eligible.  The only requirement is that you are 60 years old or higher.  This class is categorized into 3 skill levels (A, B and C).  Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 of each skill level.


- For team classes, if one of your teammates does not complete 1 lap, you will be scored as "Did not Start" (DNS) and will be given 40 points for that rider's result.  If you complete at least one lap but no other then you will be scored last place points.

- If you have a bike failure during one of your motos you will be able to use another bike for the next moto as long as it's within bike rules and scoring staff has been notified.

Results of 7th Annual Mx des States (Feb 2021)

2024 10th Annual MX des States Title Sponsor:

Results of 8th Annual Mx des States (Feb 2022)

Nearby Hotel Info: 
Best Western Waldo Inn and Suites
17230 US-301, Waldo, FL 32694
Phone:(352) 468-2500.

Come join the fun and see if your team has what it takes to become the Mx des States Champion !!!!

                                                              Don't have a team?  Show up and we will make teams !!

*** If you are entering multiple classes online then you MUST submit multiple forms. After submitting the first class you will need to refresh the screen to enter the additional classes ***

Early signup is OPENWe thank you for signing up early.  If you can't, you can still signup at the track.  

* A paper copy of your signup is required to be handed in on race day morning.

2024 10th Annual MX des States Gold Sponsors:

The 10th Annual Mx des States event will take place on February 9-10, 2024 at Waldo Motorsports in Waldo, FL.